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Build Your Own Brand: Pick Your Brand Personality

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality is the personification of a brand, i.e., giving human qualities to the brand. Like any human being, every brand has a voice, color, and many other attributes that evoke different emotions in its audience.

Brand personality drives decisions in both brand design and brand messaging. Just as Apple has come to be known as a chic, minimalist creative type, or REI as a bold and adventurous explorer, the best brand personalities are instantly recognizable and deeply relatable.

Why Does Brand Personality Matter?

How your logo looks might get the attention But brand personality creates an emotional connection and fosters brand loyalty.

Brand personality is a critical component of brand positioning and differentiation. An influential brand personality humanizes a brand, giving it depth, and making it relatable to its target audience.

Brand personality is the part of your brand that your customers identify with and build a relationship with it, Because of this, it plays a huge role in driving customer acquisition, fostering brand loyalty, and building brand equity.

How to develop a Brand personality?

A trusted way to choose brand traits is by using the five dimensions of brand personality from social psychologist Jennifer Aaker. This brand personality framework states that a brand’s personality traits can fall under five categories:

  • Ruggedness: Rugged brands have an outdoorsy, unconventional, and tough appeal. like Harley-Davidson and Jeep tend to be outdoorsy and tough

  • Sincerity: This personality type tends to be ethical, honest, positive, and down-to-earth, such as Hallmark or Pampers

  • Excitement: Brands with traits that fall under this dimension, like Red Bull and Nike, can be creative, spirited, and even edgy

  • Competence: Competent brands are intelligent and reliable like Google and Volvo.

  • Sophistication: These brands are often upper-class, glamorous, and charming—Brands like Rolex, Mercedes, or Chanel are all sophisticated brands with high-quality products created by respected designers.

Narrow down your brand personality dimensions, Choose the dimensions that you believe would appeal to your target audience the most, building on the demographics, values, and hobbies you outlined. You can hone in on one dimension or even blend together two or three.

Thinking about your brand identity as a metaphor, or personifying it, can help you identify the individual qualities you want it to have.

This can be a vehicle, an animal, a celebrity, a sports team, anything—as long as it has a prominent reputation in your mind that summons the sort of vibe you want your brand to give off.

Branding enhances user experience

Branding is all about giving consumers a chance to experience you and what your brand is about. One of the best ways you can improve your branding is by seeing your business through the eyes of the consumer.


Building a personality for your brand will help to establish a more human connection with your customers. Customers with emotional ties to a brand will stay loyal for years.

Understanding the psychology of brand personality will help you craft an authentic, magnetic, and, above all, a consistent brand personality that keeps customers coming back, again and again.

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