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Branding and Logo Design 


NXT Marketing and Communication 

The Challenge

NXT presented me with a bold vision: to build a brand that stands tall in a competitive landscape. Their desire went beyond aesthetics; they sought emotion, curiosity, and lasting impact. My task? To translate their passion into a cohesive brand identity.

The Solution 

In collaboration with NXT, I explored their world—interviewing stakeholders, analyzing competitors, and shaping their unique value proposition. The NXT logo blends clarity and modernity, while the color palette reflects a futuristic spirit. Consistent touchpoints reinforce professionalism and innovation

More Branding Projects


Packaging Identity for  the youth consumers and chocolate  lovers

Branding & Package Design
Kiad rebrand presentation-09.png

create a comprehensive brand identity for Kiad that communicates with potential clients. 


Creating a brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity

Rika Logo -10.png

Setting a unique brand identity and website focus on the target market.

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